EZDSK Scam Watch

A Complete Overview of Every Feature That EZDSK Has to Offer

EZDSK Scam WatchIs it possible for you to know everything about the broker that you want to sign up with? Not always! There are many ways for you to discover as much information as you want about the broker you are interested in. However, you have to make sure that you choose the right online resource for that. You can’t trust every piece of information that you get from the internet, and that’s why I ask you to read my review. I base everything on what I have experienced with online brokers and tell you everything that should and would matter to you as a trader.

EZDSK Scam or Legit? Legit. I have had the experience of signing up with and trying many online brokers, and that’s the reason I can tell you about a lot of them. However, I believe I should spend my time in telling you something that you can do rather than focusing on things you cannot or should not do. So, I will be talking about EZDSK.com today. This is the broker that has impressed me with many of its online trading features that have been designed for traders like you. Without wasting any more seconds of your time, let’s get into this EZDSK review.  

All the EZDSK Features You Can Benefit From

·         Trade a Variety of Crypto Assets

You have to love an online broker that does not limit your choices. There are many ways for online brokers to limit you in what you do. For example, they can even prevent you from trading a certain way. However, you don’t have to experience any of that when you have signed up with the right broker. Imagine wishing to trade cryptocurrencies for so long and finally getting the chance to do it, only to find out at the end that you can only trade on cryptocurrency. It might sound strange to you but there are many online brokers that will allow you to do just that and nothing more.

EZDSK Scam or Legit? Legit. And that’s why I appreciate a broker like EZDSK a lot. I think this broker has not put any bars on what you can trade and what you can’t. Right now, you have multiple cryptocurrencies that you can trade with this broker. You can’t trade all of the crypto assets that exist because there are thousands of them in the world right now. However, you can definitely find the strong cryptocurrencies for trading with this broker because these currencies are here to stay. If you are looking for the best and the biggest, you can go with Bitcoin trading.

However, if you want to go for the second best, you can try trading Ethereum. That’s not it! The other cryptocurrencies that you can trade with EZDSK include but are not limited to Dash Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Litecoin. You can only expect to see more cryptocurrencies available for trading with this broker as time passes.  

Learn about Cryptocurrencies

·         Learn about Cryptocurrencies

You will not find many online brokers that not only allow you to trade cryptocurrencies but also teach you about them. Most of the online brokers are interested in making you sign up with them so you can start trading as soon as possible. However, if you know even the basics of cryptocurrency market, you must be aware of the fact that these assets are much different from the conventional assets that the traders have been trading for many years. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you must first know about them a lot. Without knowing about them, you will be trading in the dark.

EZDSK Scam or Legit? Legit. So, the broker I am talking about right now has made sure that you know each and everything about the cryptocurrencies that you want to trade before you trade them. Now, you might think that you will have to spend a lot of money before you can do that, but that’s not true at all because you can learn about these cryptocurrencies without spending a dime from your pocket. I have always been looking for brokers like these and I knew I had found one when I discovered EZDSK.  

·         Trading Accounts

Now, the trading accounts can tell you a lot about the broker that you are thinking about sign up with. You have to know at this point that you can know just about everything about online trading accounts before you sign up with a broker. How can you know about them? Well, most brokers will provide you with all the details you need about their different trading accounts right on their websites. That’s the same thing you will get when you land on the website of this broker. However, there are many things for you to like and love when you look at the account details.

First of all, you have many choices to pick from. You can pick an account that you think it exactly according to your needs. You can pick an account that fits your budget. For example, if you are a student and you don’t have a lot of money to start your trading career, you can go with the Basic account. Yes, that’s the name of the first account from this broker. You will only have to deposit $1000 in your account for you to sign up with this account. If you want something better, you can go with the second account in the list, which is called the bronze account. This account can be opened with a small amount of just $10,000.

Each account offers you some great benefits and features. If you spend more, you will get more features that will help you trade successful. If you spend less, you will get fewer features, but your chances of doing winning trades will still be high. How much you win from your trade depends on your trading experience and predictions. Except the first account in the list, you will get price alerts with every account from this broker. I also love the fact that the broker has included some signals in the accounts as well. These signals might not be available to you if you are signing up with the most basic account though.

·         Convenient Banking Procedures

The banking procedures with this broker are not going to trouble you at all. When you sign up with a broker and start trading, you have to deposit money in your account. Of course, it is the money in your account that gives you the freedom to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies. However, you have to make sure that you can fund your account with ease. As clichéd and unimportant as it may sound, not all the online brokers will provide you with a smooth banking process. However, you will not have to worry about that when you sign up with a broker like EZDSK.

EZDSK Scam or Legit? Legit. The best thing I liked about this broker is that it did not charge me for anything that I did not need. I had this one experience in the past where I had to pay for things that I did not even know about. More importantly, the broker had not bothered to tell me about those things. In other words, paying those extra charges and fees was nothing less than a shock for me. However, I had to do nothing like that when I signed up with this broker. EZDSK will not charge you any commissions or unnecessary fees on your banking procedures.

·         Detailed Glossary

The glossary that you are getting from this broker is one of the best you can find online. Now, you have to know at this point that there are many online resources where you can find this information. You can even watch videos on Youtube if you want to learn the many terms that are used in the online trading industry. However, you will not have to go anywhere when your broker is providing you with, what I call the most comprehensive list of terms and terminologies that are used in the online trading industry. Is this glossary of terms going to help you in any way? Of course, it will help you in many ways.

The first thing that I want you to know here is that you are getting this glossary from the online broker, an entity that you know knows everything about online trading. There is no better source on the internet for you to get information about the online trading terminologies. In addition to that, the terms have been explained by the broker in great detail and simple words. In other words, you will know about these terms instantly. After that, you can complete any online trading course without any difficulties because you will know at all times what you are learning and what a particular term means.  

·         Helpful Trading Tools

The trading tools that you are getting from this broker are some of the best. You have many different trading tools that you can use when you sign up with EZDSK and daily and weekly market review are one of them. So, through this particular feature, you will know each and everything about the market conditions in the week. This will help you figure out which assets will go up and which will go down. Learning about the market and predicting the patterns is probably the best thing you can do as a trader in the online trading world.

The best thing that I loved about the trading tools from this broker is that it also provides you with specific crypto signals. Yes, you will learn which crypto asset you should purchase and which you should let go. Of course, you don’t have to consider trading any asset unless you have completed your personal analysis as well. However, the trading signals that you get from the broker have been compiled by the best experts in the industry. You can trust their experience as well and combine your personal analytical methods to reach the best outcomes. Doing this will not guarantee a winning trade but will definitely increase the chance of doing so greatly.  

Web Based Trading

·         Web Based Trading

Do you know that when you sign up with EZDSK, you will be trading in the web? There is a huge difference between trading in the web and trading on an application. When you sign up with a broker, you have to look at this particular option. You have to know whether you will be downloading a software or application on your device or signing up with the broker to trade right on its website. Now, I can provide you with the pros and cons of both and you will agree that both methods are great. However, in my personal opinion, and that could just be me, I think that online trading through a web based trading platform is much better.

So, when you trade through downloadable softwares and applications, you have to download them on your devices first. The second thing that happens when you do that is that you have to maintain the software locally. What if you moved to a new place or changed your device? What happens then? Well, you will have to download the software again and use it from scratch. Yes, all the settings that you had saved on the other device will be gone. That’s not the case when you sign up with a broker like EZDSK that provides you with web based trading.

In this type of trading, you don’t have to download anything from the website of the broker. In fact, you can just go on the website of the broker and start trading. The software is there right on the website of the broker so it is your broker that’s taking care of everything. In addition to that, after you have used this trading platform for many months and you change your device, you will still not have any issues with your settings. You will be using the same trading platform on your new device. All your settings and configurations will still be there without you doing anything.

That’s the benefit that online trading platform offers you and that’s why I think that the trading platform from EZDSK is one of the best you can find. Of course, you can now talk about the ease of using this trading platform and I can assure you that it is one of the easiest you will ever find from an online broker.

·         Easy Deposits

You can deposit your money with ease when you are with this broker, and that’s what I like the most about not only this broker but may others like it. So, when it comes to funding your account, you can have many options. However, you have to make sure that you don’t end up with an unsafe option, and here, the broker is taking care of that. When you sign up with this broker, you will not have to deal with any unsafe methods of depositing funds in your account. The broker has made sure that you can use the easy methods of deposit without worrying about your security.

EZDSK Scam or Legit? Legit. For any traders who are interested in sending money to their account within a blink of an eye, you can go with the credit card option from the best companies of the world. Secondly, if you want to go with a safe option without worrying about the speed of your deposit, you can go with the bank wire transfer option. You will find both these options with EZDSK. 

·         AML and KYC Policy Implementation

The broker has made sure that the online trading platform and the website of the broker incorporate the KYC and AML policies. KYC policy is for Knowing Your Customer, whereas the AML policy stands for Anti-money laundering. From these policies, it should be clear to you that you are not signing up with an unethical broker. Yes, you can sign up with an unethical broker if you don’t pay attention to such details. If the broker you are signing up with does not have these policies implemented and asks you to sign up with providing ample information, you can be sure that they are not operating ethically.

EZDSK Scam or Legit? Legit. When you sign up with a broker and provide all the information that you are asked to provide, you are making sure that you are creating your own unique print inside the system of the broker. Next time, if someone else tries to use your information to sign up with the broker, the broker will know instantly that they are a fraud. In a similar way, the broker will obtain your banking details including your credit card number and pictures and bank statement pictures. This will ensure that only the right owner of the information is signing up with the broker not someone who has stolen that information from someone.  

·         Encrypted Data

Your data will be properly encrypted as soon as you sign up with this broker and provide your data on its website. Encryption means that the broker converts your information into something that cannot be read or understood by someone who is not authorized to reach that information. This is the way the information you provide on the websites should travel on the internet lines. Unfortunately, not all online brokers are complying with this very important standard of the online trading industry. However, I am sure you are going to admire and appreciate the fact that this broker is taking care of this critical piece of detail very much.

Segregated Funds

·         Segregated Funds

EZDSK Scam or Legit? Legit. You have to make sure that you either call the broker to ask or confirm from the website that it is going to put your money in segregated accounts. Again, any online brokers that are providing people with trading service have to follow these standards to stay abreast with the requirements of the industry. Again, you will not find many brokers like EZDSK that provide you with this particular feature. However, I was very fearless when I signed up with this broker because I knew my funds were being maintained in segregated accounts. That’s how the broker provides you with what you need.

·         Friend Referrals and Bonuses

Do you know that online brokers can award you with some great bonuses when you refer other people to their services? Unluckily, not all online brokers are currently active in doing that. However, when you sign up with a broker like EZDSK, you will notice that you are being provided with every opportunity of making money. If you don’t feel like trading on a particular day, you can just refer a friend to EZDSK. If your friend signs up with the broker and starts trading, you will get a reward for that. The reward you get from your friend’s trading is not fixed either. So, you can make a lot of money by only referring a friend to this broker.

·         Customer Support

Last but not least, you are signing up with a broker that provides you with 24/6 customer support to help you with your concerns. Now, you can always choose the method that you prefer for getting in touch with the broker and getting help with your concern. You have the email address of the broker right on the website. If you send an email to the broker, you will get a response to that within 24 hours. However, if you want things to be quicker and you need help urgently, you can go with the phone number that’s given right on the website of the broker. Call this number and a professional will be there more than willing to help you with your concern. 

Final Thoughts

So, my job was to tell you as much as I could about this broker. I have put forth all the information that I have collected about this broker not only as a researcher and reviewer, but a trader as well. I see online brokers from the same lens as you do. I don’t side with them because they are going to offer me some great commission. I just want to bring information about the best online brokers to you so you can sign up with a reliable and trustable option without going through a research of many months. Final verdict is that EZDSK is LEGIT.